Monthly Archive: February 2017

Selecting the Right Pillow for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

People will spend a fortune on the mattress. In our minds, we believe the mattress holds the key to giving us a perfect night’s sleep. Pillows are often viewed as disposable items that you simply stack on the bed until you get them right. The truth is that these are far more important than you might have imagined. That’s why there are a few things you’ll want to consider when looking at your options for a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia.

When you have the right pillow, you provide both your neck and your spine with the right amount of support. This reduces the amount of pain that you experience you have during the course of the day. You’ll also experience less tossing, turning, headaches, and general discomfort over the court of the night.

Another thing to consider when optioning for a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia, is that organic latex pillows have proven benefits associated with them. They are a hypoallergenic solution that will allow you to peacefully sleep over the course of the night. The latex offers the perfect amount of support for both your neck and spine, while having the ability to bounce back into a normal shape when you wake up in the morning.

More importantly, you also reduce the risk of illness, mildew, and even a reduction in dust mites. This means you can have a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to these organic latex pillows and have some peace of mind in the process. Since latex pillows are some of the longest lasting pillows on the market, you’ll want to invest in the best quality you can afford. That way, you have a comfortable pillow that will help you to feel relaxed every night. That can be achieved with a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia.

Sleep Deprivation Can Do More Than Make You Tired

A full night’s sleep on an organic latex mattress in Singapore may seem like a dream. But if you currently are suffering from sleep deprivation, you might be doing more harm to your body than good. When you don’t get enough sleep it can wreak havoc on your body and this could potentially lead to death.

When you don’t sleep, your brain begins to experience problems first. Without a proper night’s sleep, you begin to function at a lower level. The brain is exhausted because it hasn’t rested and this means that your cognitive function is impaired. You may become depressed, paranoid, or unnecessarily impulsive without enough sleep. In extreme cases, you can begin to micro sleep where you zonk out for a few seconds or minutes while you are doing something as simple as driving. This could have potentially deadly consequences.

Since you aren’t sleeping, your immune system isn’t recharging. When you do sleep your body creates protective cytokines and antibodies for cells. So when you don’t sleep, your immune system isn’t working. Perhaps this is some more motivation to get that organic latex mattress in Singapore so you don’t encounter a disease. In fact, people experience chronic lung diseases that start off as the common cold and influenza as a result of this.

If you’re fighting the battle of the bulge, sleep deprivation is your enemy. Harvard has done several studies that shows that those who don’t sleep as much suffer from obesity. There is also a spike in cortisol and a higher risk of diabetes due to the increased levels of insulin your body isn’t processing well.

Finally, your heart and cardiovascular system also take a hit. Those who don’t sleep properly suffer from hypertension. In time, this can lead to heart disease and a stroke.

The solution is simple, you need to do all you can to ensure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. The best way to do that is to pick up an organic latex mattress in Singapore and ensure that you are sleeping safely and comfortably at night.