Vegetarian Diet for Optimal Personal and Environmental Health

It’s been well documented through the years that vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat. Vegetarians are less likely to be obese, or to have high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or colon cancer. They are also less likely to die from heart disease. Vegetarians have lower blood pressure even when they eat the same amount of salt as meat eaters and exercise less. Many studies show that vegetarians have less instances of colon cancer, due in large part to the differences in the bacterial flora that is present in the colon.

There are many factors in the vegetarian diet that contribute to better health. Vegetarians consume two to three times as much fiber as do meat-eaters, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and protect against colon cancer. They also consume more antioxidants, which are found in a wide variety of plant foods and protect cells from oxygen-induced damage and reduce the risk for heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and other diseases.

Vegetarians eat more isoflavones than do meat eaters. These compounds, found mostly in soy foods, are a type of phytochemical. Research shows that isoflavones may reduce the risk for prostate cancer and may improve bone health. Vegetarians also consume much less saturated fat and cholesterol than do meat eaters, resulting in significantly lower levels of blood cholesterol, decreased instances of heart disease and possibly for diabetes and cancer. And, since vegetarians do not eat meat, they are not exposed to heme iron, a type of iron found in meat that may increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

And lastly, vegetarianism is not only optimally healthy for your body, but your environment and the planet’s animals. It allows you to live more harmoniously with the world around you, which improves mental and emotional health accordingly.

What is diabetes?

The number of people around the world suffering from diabetes has skyrocketed in the last two decades, from 30 million to 230 million, claiming millions of lives and severely taxing the ability of health care systemsto deal with the epidemic, according to data released Saturday by the International Diabetes Federation.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot properly store and use fuel for energy. The fuel that your body needs is called glucose, a form of sugar. Glucose comes from foods such as breads, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits and some vegetables. To use glucose, your body needs insulin. Insulin is made by a gland in your body called the pancreas. There are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes only occurs during pregnancy.

Types of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous clinical disorder with numerous causes. Two main classifications of diabetes mellitus exist, idiopathic and secondary.

Idiopathic diabetes is divided into two main types; insulin dependent and non-insulin-depenedent. Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM (Type 1) is defined by the development of ketoacidosis in the absence of insulin therapy. Type 1 diabetes most often manifests in childhood (hence also called juvenile onset diabetes) and is the result of an autoimmune destruction of the b-cells of the pancreas. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, NIDDM (Type 2) is characterized by persistent hyperglycemia but rarely leads to ketoacidosis. Type 2 diabetes generally manifests after age 40 and therefore has the obsolete name of adult onset-type diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can result from genetics defects that cause both insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. There are two main forms of type 2 diabetes:

1. Late onset associated with obesity.
2. Late onset not associated with obesity.

Sample meal plan

Choose foods you like and which satisfy you, and include carbohydrate foods in each meal or snack to help manage blood glucose levels. You can eat your main meal at lunch or dinner.

Get help immediately if Diabetes symptoms occur

Occasionally, the onset of diabetes – particularly Type 1 – can be abrupt. It can lead to a condition called ‘keto acidosis’, which is a medical emergency. The symptoms of this condition are loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, excessive passing of urine, altered consciousness and, finally, coma. Seek medical help immediately if these symptoms occur.

Where To Get Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes has slowly crept into the lives of almost eleven million Americans who have diabetes and are aware they have the illness, and up to seven million Americans who are not aware they have diabetes. Added to this glaring number of diabetes-stricken Americans are the millions more who are in the prediabetes stage.

People with diabetes have more chances of surviving the illness if they know how to manage diabetes and they have the financial means to support the medication and other supplies required by people with diabetes.

Getting Type 1 diabetes is usually dependent on you genes although it is not a very strong risk factor. Obesity and age are however risk factors in getting Type 2 diabetes. But no matter how old you are, if you are obese and have a history of gestational diabetes, have one or both parents with Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, then it is best to have yourself checked for diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is commonly found in children while Type 1.5 diabetes is the name given to diabetes found in adults. Adults with Type 1.5 diabetes is characterized by a slower attack on the beta cells compared to the vicious attack of beta cells in children with Type 1 diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, the body’s insulin cannot control its blood sugar levels.

There are several ways of testing for diabetes including the glucose test which measures the blood’s glucose level and the oral glucose test. The glucose test is best done after at least 12 hours of fasting.

The main concern for people with diabetes is how to control the level of their blood glucose in such a way that they can lessen diabetes-related complications. Thus, monitoring of one’s blood glucose level is always a must for people with diabetes. Controlling the blood glucose level means choosing the type of food you eat and taking the proper medication.

A person who wants to be in control of his diabetes should have all the necessary supplies on hand whether he stays in the house or he travels. A diabetic should always make sure that his insulin supply is not exposed to extreme changes in temperature. A diabetic is also more prone to foot problems so he should take care of his feet by using comfortable socks.

Other important diabetic supplies include blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucose tablets and gels.

If you have diabetes, make sure that you have your supplies wherever you go. Also inform your housemates or officemates about the possible stores where they can buy these supplies in case you have an emergency. Always scout for stores that sell supplies for diabetics near your home or office or where you frequently go. And if you have to travel, make sure you carry more than enough because you never know what might happen. Also check if the places you will go to have some shops which sell the supplies you need.


5 Diabetes Travel Tips


What is a Latex Mattress Topper?

There was a time when cheap foam and small feather mattresses were placed on top of bed to provide comfort. This was often done in an effort to extend the life of a mattress that broke down over time. As a short term solution, it was an effective choice. Those who needed something that would last them longer needed to consider other alternatives. One of those being the organic latex toppers Singapore has available.

In order for an organic latex topper to work, you need to ensure that the bed can support it. If the mattress is broken, worn out, or mattresses that are starting to sag won’t give you much benefit. However, items where the springs of a lower mattress are simply giving out, or the high density latex on the bed is starting to give, this is a great choice. With it, you have the chance to revitalize the core support of the bed and ensure that you have a comfortable night’s rest for years to come. When you choose a topper, remember you want organic latex. There are synthetic options on the market for less, but they do not provide the same benefits an all-natural latex offers.

Something to note is that when you choose the organic latex toppers Singapore has to offer, you also have an incredible selection of benefits. This goes beyond a more restful night’s sleep! You also end up with a hypoallergenic sleeping experience that will reduce elements that can cause you difficultly to breathe at night, so you are able to fall into a deeper sleep longer.

When you need a quick and effective solution, then you’ll want to look no further than a mattress topper, such as the incredible line available from Sleep Made to Measure. g

Selecting the Right Pillow for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

People will spend a fortune on the mattress. In our minds, we believe the mattress holds the key to giving us a perfect night’s sleep. Pillows are often viewed as disposable items that you simply stack on the bed until you get them right. The truth is that these are far more important than you might have imagined. That’s why there are a few things you’ll want to consider when looking at your options for a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia.

When you have the right pillow, you provide both your neck and your spine with the right amount of support. This reduces the amount of pain that you experience you have during the course of the day. You’ll also experience less tossing, turning, headaches, and general discomfort over the court of the night.

Another thing to consider when optioning for a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia, is that organic latex pillows have proven benefits associated with them. They are a hypoallergenic solution that will allow you to peacefully sleep over the course of the night. The latex offers the perfect amount of support for both your neck and spine, while having the ability to bounce back into a normal shape when you wake up in the morning.

More importantly, you also reduce the risk of illness, mildew, and even a reduction in dust mites. This means you can have a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to these organic latex pillows and have some peace of mind in the process. Since latex pillows are some of the longest lasting pillows on the market, you’ll want to invest in the best quality you can afford. That way, you have a comfortable pillow that will help you to feel relaxed every night. That can be achieved with a Sleep to Measure pillow in Australia.

Wig Facts

Most people think they want only human hair wigs but in many cases, the wigs made of synthetic hair are just as natural looking.Human hair wigs require a lot of care and are typically higher maintenance than synthetic wigs.

Did you know that even if your hair is only thin in a specific area that we can help you with that. Most wig shops carry a line of extensions, bangs and integration units to broaden your possibilities and give you the look you want at a price that you can afford.

Many wigs require special care. As well as buying the wig, there are some specific supplies you require for your hair-piece to help you to keep it as nice as it was the day that you got it. Most shops have a consultant to assist you in learning more about wearing a wig and what you will need to help you to care for it. If you have questions about your hair, we’ll be happy to help you every step of the way, including aiding you in finding the right supplies for your needs.

What To Do About Litter Box Accidents

There is probably nothing more frustrating to a cat owner than litter box accidents. In fact, habitual litter box accidents are the number one reason why cat owners give their cats up to animal shelters. When your cat refuses to use the litter box, there is usually an underlying reason. Before you become exasperated by your cat’s inability to make it to the litter box, here are some common causes for this problem.

Litter Box Woes
One of the main reasons why a cat begins to refuse to use the litter box is because their own litter box is dirty. Many cats are extremely fussy about the condition of their litter box, while others will use it no matter how full it looks. If your cat has a litter box accident, the first place you should check is the litter box. Some pets prefer that their litter box cleaned out after each use. While this is time consuming for you, it may be a simple fix to this problem. You should start a daily routine of cleaning out your cat box and you may find that this solves your problem.

Another common problem related to the litter box is there are not enough litter boxes for the number of cats you have. For example, if you have four cats in your home, and you should have at least one litter box per cat. Cats like to have their own space, and this is especially true when it comes to their litter box. In fact, many veterinarians recommend that even if you have only one cat, you should have at least two litter boxes.

In addition, when it comes to litter box accidents, look at the type of litter you are using and the size and shape of the litter box. If you have a tray litter box without a lid, maybe your cat would feel more secure in a closed box. If you have an older cat, or a young kitten, you cat may have a difficult time getting in and out of a closed top box. Watch your cat carefully when he or she uses the litter box. If you find that, they are having a difficult time getting in and out of the litter box and consider getting a different box. Also, look at the type of litter you use. Your cat may be extremely fussy about the smell or texture of the litter. Many people preferred using the scoop away litter; however, many cats will not use this type of litter, because it sticks in the paws. You may also find that the litter you use causes a lot of dust that is disagreeable to your cat.

Health Issues
Your cat may be refusing to use the litter box, because of health related issues. If you have tried all the above tips and nothing seems to be working, then it is time to visit your veterinarian. Cats that have bladder problems, urinary tract infections, kidney failure and diabetes are more prone to litter box accidents than healthy cats. You need to take your cat to the vet and have a thorough health exam performed to find out if your cat is suffering around an ailment. If this is the case, your veterinarian can prescribe medication to help your cat.

Habit and Your Cat’s Territory
If your cat has been ill or have stopped using the litter box for any of reason, you may find that your cat returns to their old ways out of habit. It is extremely important that when your cat has a litter box accident, that you clean the area thoroughly to get rid of any odors that may remain. In addition, your cat may have not stopped using the litter box at all but instead, your cat is marking his or her territory. This is especially common in multi-cat households or when you bring in new pet into the home. This is also more common in males than females. Even male cats that are neutered can mark their territory by spraying urine.

When you determine why your cat is having litter box accidents, you can find a solution. It takes time and patience; however, this is much more preferable than getting rid of your cat. For more pet tips and information, visit

Why you should Consider an Organic Latex Pillow

There are thousands of pillows on the market today, but organic latex pillows are a step above the rest. An organic latex pillow is not only eco-friendly, it is also among the best ways to ensure that you get a pillow that fits your unique needs. When it comes to pillows, most people believe that it’s a “one size fits all” scenario, but nothing could be further from the truth. A properly crafted pillow can often eliminate those aches and pains that are all too common in the morning.

As an example, if you require a specific height and density in a pillow, just choosing one from a store shelf would be a mistake. Based on the specific requirements that you or your doctor have established, you can dictate exactly what is needed and an organic latex pillow can be specially designed for you. A few of the benefits of having a pillow specially designed for you are;

  • More prolonged periods of REM sleep
  • Less stiffness and joint pain in the morning
  • An altogether better attitude after having a truly restful night’s sleep

At Sleep Made To Measure you will find not only contour pillows that are customized to align your head and neck perfectly as you sleep as well as many other organic latex pillow designs. Whether you prefer a contour pillow, a traditional elliptical pillow, or a travel pillow, there is a design that will suit you perfectly. There are even organic latex pillows that are designed to rest in the space between your legs to give better support and reduce movement during the night. Less tossing and turning means that you can awaken feeling refreshed and ready to meet the da.

Whatever type of pillow you prefer, Sleep Made To Measure has a product that will help you achieve the kind of restful sleep that your body needs.


Get to Sleep Faster and Enjoy it More

sleep quality

Are you enjoying healthy sleep or struggling with sleeplessness every night? What you do during the day, particularly in the hours right before bed, can have an impact on your sleep quality.

Quality of sleep can be significantly impacted by several things, not the least of which are medications, your daily schedule, how you spend your evening and even what you eat or drink. Would you be surprised to learn that a few small adjustments could make all the difference in your sleep quality? One method for determining all of the above is keeping a two-week sleep journal, this will show you exactly how your daily activities are affecting your sleep.

Have you ever heard the phrase “sleep hygiene”? This refers to a collection of sleep habits that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night. Where do these habits originate? They are a part of cognitive behavior therapy used to successfully treat long-term sufferers of insomnia. Quality sleep can be affected by behaviors and thoughts, CBT will help you address these issues. You can also learn sleep schedule management, relaxation and stress reduction from CBT processes.

If you cannot remember the last time you had a good nights sleep, you may want to employ some of these sleep hygiene techniques. Of course, if you keep struggling with sleep issues, talk to your physician or seek help from an accredited sleep study center.

Tips for Better Sleep

Better Sleep Habits:

  • Go to bed at such a time you can get a minimum of 7 hours
  • Set a sleep schedule and do not deviate, even on weekends
  • If you are laying awake after 20 minutes get up for a little while
  • Bedrooms are for sleep or sex only
  • Create a relaxing routine for bed
  • No electronic devices in the bedroom
  • Disconnect from phone, television or computer 30 minutes before bed
  • No large meals at bedtime or midnight snacks
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Avoid Alcohol, caffeine and excessive fluid intake in the late evening and before bed.
  • Exercise on a regular basis