Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are commonly eaten alone or as part of a nut mix. They are also used for baking various types of cookies. Almost all macadamia nuts are grown in Australia and then exported around the world. They grow on trees and the nuts are picked by hand. Since the 1880’s people have been enjoying eating these delicious types of nuts.

They are now grown in areas of Hawaii as well. However, this was the result of main made cultivating and not a natural place for them to grow. Many people find it ironic that macadamia nuts can grow in Hawaii as almost all of their food items have to be imported. They are often an item that people enjoy while relaxing on the various islands of Hawaii.

Starting out the trees to grow macadamia nuts is quite a process. It can take them between 7 and 10 years before they begin to form nuts that can be picked. Yet those trees that are healthy enough to produce them can do so for about 100 years. This is why many cultivators of macadamia nuts continue to plant new trees. They know there will be an increased demand for them. They also want to be able to meet that demand while the new trees are in that period where they don’t produce.

Some individuals have an allergic reaction to the oil from macadamia nuts. They can result in their face and hands swelling up if they come into contact with it. There is also the risk of their airway being cut off if they consume these nuts. Many species of dogs are also allergic to macadamia nuts so you should avoid sharing them with your best pal.

You can purchase macadamia nuts with the brown shell still on them. Many people enjoy them in this form. They have to crack the shell with a nutcracker and then remove it. You can also buy them without the shell and just get the white or light tan color of nut. This is a great way to be able to enjoy the macadamia nuts without all the trouble. You can buy them at most stores and they will stay good for a very long time.

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