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Decompression Sickness – What Is It & How Is It Treated

What exactly is decompression illness (DCI)?

The common term for decompression illness is the “bends” and DCI covers both DCS or decompression sickness and CAGE or Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism. The “bends” is a condition primarily associated with scuba divers, such as those who work on oil rigs. However, the “bends” can also affect astronauts, high altitude pilots and people who work in controlled (or uncontrolled) environments where compressed air is used.

While it is not completely understood, the cause of the bends seems to be a sudden or incorrect decompression or rapid ascent from very deep water.

What happens to the body?

When a diver descend into the watery depths, pressure increases around them. This, in turn, increases the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in bodily tissues. We can readily absorb oxygen and our lungs efficiently excrete carbon dioxide but nitrogen is another matter.

The body needs time to excrete nitrogen through the lungs and if the diver ascends too quickly without regular decompression stops, nitrogen bubbles are created and potentially released, thereby blocking blood flow or cutting off oxygen to the brain and other body parts.

This can cause paralysis, severe pain in the joints, nerve damage, and even death. It is not simply that the inert gas bubbles are dangerous but their size and location and the body’s ability (or lack of ability) to get rid of them which causes physiological damage.

Decompression Sickness Symptoms

When the body collects too many gas bubbles, breathing will be affected and the condition should be considered life-threatening – it could result in the fatal collapse of the respiratory system.

The general symptoms of decompression sickness include breathlessness, acceleration of the rate of breathing, coughing and chest pains. There are many other symptoms such as:

  • weakness or fatigue
  • vomiting, nausea
  • itching, rash
  • cutis marmorata (blue or purple “marbling” on the skin)
  • diarrhoea, abdominal cramps
  • coughing
  • chest pains
  • muscle, joint pain or numbness
  • confusion, memory loss
  • headache
  • lack of coordination, dizziness
  • ringing in ears, hearing loss
  • lower limb paralysis
  • unconsciousnessEven if the person doesn’t exhibit obvious symptoms, DCI needs to be considered if the diver has been subjected to the relevant risks.


    First aid for decompression illness should be given as soon as possible. Such treatment could include:

  • giving 100% oxygen, using a tightly-fitting mask
  • laying the diver horizontal to help prevent the bubbles going to the brain, keeping them comfortable
  • putting the person in the recovery position if they lose consciousness
  • giving fluids orally, but only if the person is able to take them unaided
  • covering person with blanket or thermal shield to protect from hypothermia
  • seeking medical help as soon as possible as recompression is the only effective treatment (but not in-water recompression)Recompression

    A diver suffering DCI is usually treated with recompression, meaning they are placed inside a hyperbaric chamber which is pressurized to that equal to a sea depth of either 59 ft. or 98.5 ft. Using a mask or something like a plastic helmet, the person breathes pure oxygen for a set length of time, interspersed with “airbreaks” of 5 to 15 minutes. Known as treatment tables, the length of the treatments are usually between 2 and 5 hours but could be longer if DCI is severe.

    The treatment tables are set by a trained doctor after an assessment of the diver’s medical and dive histories and neurological tests checking coordination, balance, sensation and strength. This could also include measuring breathing and heart rates and perhaps an ECG and/or X-ray, and blood tests.

    Hyperbaric Medicine

    Hyperbaric means “greater than ambient pressure” and hyperbaric medicine is treatment that uses oxygen at pressure higher than the normal atmosphere. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is used for decompression illness to physically reduce the size of the bubbles as well as promote the elimination of excessive dissolved gas and bubbles from a diver’s body.There are other medical conditions for which hyperbaric oxygen treatment is also used, some of which are:

    • severe anemia
    • abscess of the brain
    • air bubbles in blood vessels
    • burns
    • CO2 poisoning
    • crush injuries
    • sudden deafness
    • gangrenous or infected tissue (skin or bone)
    • wounds that won’t heal (diabetic ulcers)
    • injury from radiation
    • sudden but painless loss of vision

    There are other illnesses or conditions for which HBOT may be used but evidence is insufficient to support claims of success.

    Those involved in HBOT will have had hyperbaric chamber training and could be qualified as a hyperbaric technician or dive medic.

    For more information on hyperbaric oxygen training certification, go to

Using Forums for Marketing

There are different types of forums, beyond the obvious topical types, of “marketing” or “special interest”, etc. “Marketing” and “special interest” are two types of what are commonly referred to as “open forums”. You can use any kind of forum for viral marketing using forums, but it does require some care and consideration.

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Organic Latex Baby Mattresses

Off gassing is one of the biggest reasons that most parents seek out a more natural solution to their children’s bedding. More than ever, parents are reading about the side effects caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals used in foam mattresses. Stunningly, there are many toxic ingredients used in the process of making foam mattresses. The men and women that make foam mattresses risk their lungs and their lives making

Many people become confused when they’re presented with latex mattresses. Often times they seem to believe that latex isn’t a natural substance, it is. Rubber is harvested in much the same way as you harvest maple syrup. The serum or sap is gathered from a tree and is quite organic in nature. organic latex mattresses are a much healthier solution for your child.

A newborn child spends the better half of an entire day laying in their crib or bassinet. If your infant has their face right next to a foam mattress, then he or she is inevitably breathing in whatever chemicals their foam mattresses are off gassing. The amount of chemicals used in flame retardant for it to pass open flame standards is significant. Avoid that problem with an organic latex baby mattress by sleep made to measure.

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Whenever you make an investment of any kind to generate passive income, you’ll want to make sure you are focusing on low risk items. There should be little to no investment up front and when you use it, it will become on of the easiest passive income ideas you have available.

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An Inground Pool? You Decide

pool-time-1436099Having an inground pool is a big decision and not one to make lightly. Yet, with that in mind, there is an abundance of benefits to having a swimming pool. Take into consideration the aesthetic beauty that a pool can bring you. Nothing is as calming as the effects of water. You don’t even have to be swimming to appreciate the calming effects that rippling water brings to you. It’s not uncommon to see pools in western New York. Pools have become a popular addition to most homes. You can not only have a landscaper work with you to design the pool of your dreams, you can also build one to size that will flow with the design of your home.

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Another great reason for having inground pools is family time. What better way to get your kids away from the, present, electronics and outside for some much-needed exercise, than your own pool. In the summer months, most family gatherings take place poolside. Not only will your friends and family enjoy keeping cool from the heat of a summer day, but tempers are less likely to flair from your guests being too hot. Uncomfortable temperatures can cause irritation and cranky guests aren’t fun in the least. A swimming pool can truly change the way your home looks and feels. Small or large a pool can add charm, entice your family and friends, and be the crowning glory of any backyard.

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Car Upholstery Cleaning in Nottingham?

limosine-1450334It’s a sad testament to our country that the UK is known for its dirty vehicles. Car care has fallen to a new low in the UK according to multiple reports put out by car companies. In fact, in surveys, many UK car owners own up to having found food or food wrappers under the seat of their car on more than one occasion. That in and of itself can be unhealthy for car owners and the people who ride with them.

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dog groomerSeattle is a filled with people that love their pets. Dogs are much loved and there are a lot of them! The population of dogs to children, in Seattle, is roughly 140,000 to 93,000. There are more dogs than children! With that being said, the need for canine care is booming in the Seattle area. Dogs in Seattle are considered an elite member of each household. They are the children of the city. Dog groomers are in great demand and has some of the best. Posh grooming may be just around the corner from you! Hydrobaths, poodle cuts, massages, and more are offered at these amazing places! Most grooming salons also require their staff to know how to perform CPR on the pets they groom. They make your pet’s safety a number one priority.

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Buffalo Limo Services

limosine-1450334Not all Buffalo limo services are created equal. While anyone can slide behind a wheel and take you to the breathtaking landmarks in the area like Niagara Falls, or Rochester, few will give you a sense of professionalism. That’s why it is important to choose a professional service who understands the importance of treating each of our customers with dignity and respect, while offering a truly luxurious ride.

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Give Your Office a Fast & Affordable Facelift

carpet-169413-mWhether you work out of your home, rent your own office or share office space in a multi-use building, there comes a time when you know a facelift is in order. This may come when you first move into a new office, or it may come after you’ve been using your space for many months or years. You just know that you will make a better impression on your clients and guests while improving your mood throughout each workday if you spruce up the office a bit.

The first step to a successful facelift is to replace or refurnish the floor. You may go with refurnishing if you have wooden floors, and a good deep cleaning may be needed for carpeting. Another option is to cover up your flawed floors with carpet tiles. These tiles are easy to install and look fashionable, and you can select from a variety of colors and patterns.

Once you select flooring colors and designs that give your office a professional, fresh vibe, you can change the window treatment, wall decor and other elements of the room. Working your way up from the floor allows you to create a color scheme or style that blends all elements of the room together. Everyone who walks into your office will notice the floor they are walking on, so that is always a good focal point to get your room’s facelift started.

If your walls haven’t received a fresh coat of paint in many years, it’s probably time to do that as well. You may want to paint before your new flooring is in place. In many cases, you can go with bright white walls because they look nice with any color or style of flooring. You will also cover most of the walls up with your room decor, cork boards and other items as well.

As a final touch, consider the amount of light in your office. If you don’t get a lot of natural light from the windows, add a good lamp or ceiling light fixture. You need light to stay awake and energized as you work at any hour of the day or night.