The Benefits of Concrete Paint

Have you ever experienced the unsightly appearance of worn concrete? Often, after a short period of time concrete can become marked with hairline cracks, dimples, and rust stains. The solution to this problem may lie in concrete paint.

Covering your driveway, basement, or patio in concrete paint is a quick and easy way to not only preserve the expensive investment you have made, but to aesthetically enhance your property. In addition, concrete paint can be acquired relatively cheaply; it is much easier to run a coat or two of paint over a piece of concrete than to have to pay laborers to remove your broken concrete with noisy jackhammers, to haul it away, and to pour a new slab in its place.

But the enhancements one can make to concrete do not stop simply with paint. For example, texture and patterns could also be utilized. It is possible to mark off sections of the concrete and create geometric patterns, swirls, checkerboard patterns, or even circles using a template.

Is your concrete outside? Is it slippery when it gets wet? Try mixing in a little sand with your concrete paint. The sand will add much needed traction to the surface and prevent slipping. Think about it. A bag of sand is much cheaper than an expensive hospital bill for a broken hip.

If you decide on painting your floor, make sure you properly prepare it before you apply the concrete paint. Make sure there is no standing water and remove any dampness with a large fan. This may take awhile, as concrete can retain a huge amount of moisture. Next, you should thoroughly clean the floor. Remove any grease or oil, as it will prevent the paint from properly adhering. Vacuum the floor several times and then go over it with a tack cloth, which can be found at any hardware store. Now you’re ready to begin painting and, soon, you’ll be enjoying all of the benefits of a new floor and a new look.

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