Monthly Archive: August 2016

SLEEP MADE TO MEASURE – Pillow Made to Measure – 4Kids

One important factor that contributes to having a good quality sleep is to cultivate having a regular sleeping habit at an early age. Once these habits (whether good or bad) develop, it can be very hard to break.

Our pillows made to measure-4 kids are developed to assist with your child’s sleeping progress. They are designed to help create an environment that will encourage them to practice good sleeping habits by providing added comfort while they sleep. From their crib to their first full sized bed, our pillows are designed to help your child keep and maintain their proper sleeping habits.

Each pillow is designed for children of approximately 2 to 12 years old. As your child continues to grow, the pillow needs to be replaced approximately every 2 years or when the child gains at least 10 kilos (20lbs.) of weight.

Each pillow varies in terms of its size, density and softness in order to cater to your child’s needs and match their:

  • Sleeping Habits
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Other bed details

This unique feature from Made to Measure-4kids provides them with the perfect support system that will help encourage their good sleeping habits while providing them with a high level of comfort that they will surely love.

The next best quality this pillow has is its Made to measure-contour feature that is designed to match your children’s growth over the coming years. Enjoy the health benefits from its 100% Certified organic latex composition, it is a soft and malleable pillow shape that can fully support the spinal curves and the neck muscles, which is perfect for growing kids.

Provide them with quality products that they will need during their growth years and start this by making use of our Made to measure- Pillows 4 kids.

Renovating Your Brisbane Bathroom

Is there a bare wall in your bathroom? Is the wall bare because you cannot find a theme to match? Have you considered wallpaper, yet nothing seems to fit? Why not put your creativeness and ideas to work and  add a few photos and create a focal point. Once you’ve done that, look around.  Does your bathroom look the way that you want it to look or, does it need a little something more?

If you’re adding little touches or you’re considering a Brisbane bathroom remodel,  finding the right  additions to your bathroom  is the first order of business.

With so many new things to add and new looks to shoot for, making a determination as to the style that you want or the additions that you want is your first step.   If country style if your bit, you can accomplish that quite easily.

How about a stone bath and a stone sink?  The addition of stone accessories and a lovely heated towel bar to accomplish the finishing touches of your new bath is something that  will be the hit of the household.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get out of the bath or shower and have a heated towel bar keeping your towels warmed for you?
Get as creative as you like. Rest assured that will have just what you need to create the look and feel that you want for your Brisbane bathroom remodel.