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Cures For The “There Is Nothing To Do ” Blues

It is a common complaint heard by parents across the globe, “there is nothing to do!”. Well now there is a better option for kids and grandkids, one that will enable them to get some exercise and enjoy being outdoors for a change. Investing in a fibreglass swimming pool will have the bored youth spending time splashing and playing in the water. Better yet, the diy fibreglass pool will be a good project for all the family to do, because it involves many ways for them to become emotionally involved, from the design and landscaping to the digging out space and building the necessary paths and walkways to go around the pool area.

But first of all, before a spade touches the ground, the best plan starts with the answers to questions about in ground fibreglass pools. This is one of the best places to find answers: Here is the place for ideas, types of pools, information about supplies and ideas for landscaping and design to fit your pool area and make it attractive to everyone. Pools increase the value and desirability of a home. If you like to entertain and have social gatherings, the place with a pool is often very popular. This will again alleviate the cries of those who claim there is nothing to do when obviously, there is quite a bit to do. The health benefits along with the fun aspects playing in the safe waters of a pool will be worth it long after the pool goes into your yard and the first lap is completed.

Advertise, Do not Spam

There is a fine line between advertising and spam and unfortunately many business owners do not understand the difference between the two. This is important because while a cleaver, well planted Internet marketing campaign can help to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal, spam is likely to alienate both new customers and existing customers. This can be extremely damaging to profit margins for the business owners. This article will take a look at a few basic Internet marketing strategies such as banner ads, email campaign and message board posts and describe how each can quickly cross the line from cleaver advertising to spam.

Banner ads are one of the most popular strategies which accompany an Internet marketing plan. These ads are usually ads which appear at the top of websites and span the width of the website. It is from this appearance that they earned the name banner ads but actually banner ads can refer to ads of a variety of different sizes and shapes which appear in an array of different locations on a website. In many cases the business owner purchases advertising space on these websites but the banner ad may also be placed as part of an exchange or an affiliate marketing campaign. Banner ad exchanges are situations in which one business owner posts a banner ad on his website in exchange for another business owner posting his banner ad on the other website. These agreements may be made individually between business owners with complementary businesses or as part of exchanges facilitated by a third party. In the case of affiliate marketing, an affiliate posts and advertisement for your business in exchange for compensation when the banner ad produces a desired effect such as generating website traffic or generating a sale. The terms of these agreements are determined beforehand and are generally based on a scale of pay per impression, pay per click or pay per sale or lead.

Now that you understand what banner ads are, it is also important to understand how they can be overused and appear to be spam. Judiciously placing your banner ad on a few websites which are likely to attract an audience similar to your target audience is smart marketing, placing your banner ad on any website which will display the ad regardless of the target audience can be construed as spam. Internet users who feel as though your banner ads are everywhere they turn will not likely take your business seriously and are not likely to purchase products or services from you as a result of your banner ads.

Email campaigns can also be very useful tools in the industry of Internet marketing. These campaigns may involve sending periodic e-newsletters filled with information as well as advertisements, short, informative email courses or emails offering discounts on products and services. Loyal customers who opt into your email list will likely not view these emails as spam and may purchase additional products and services from your business as a result of this marketing strategy. Additionally, potential customers who have specifically requested additional information on your products and services will also find this type of marketing to be useful. However, email recipients who did not request information are likely to view your emails as spam. Harvesting email addresses in a deceptive manner and using these addresses to send out mass emails will likely always be considered to be spam.

Finally, message boards provide an excellent opportunity for business owners to obtain some free advertising where it will be noticed by members of the target audience. If the products and services you offer appeal to a specific niche, it is worthwhile to join message boards and online forums related to your industry of choice. Here you will find a large population of Internet users who may have an interest in your products. You might consider including a link to your business in your signature or posting the link when it is applicable to the conversation. However, care should be taken to carefully review the message board guidelines to ensure you are not doing anything inappropriate. This technique is smart marketing. Conversely, replying to every message with a link to your website when it is not relevant to the conversation is likely to be construed as spam by other members. Once they begin to view your posts as spam, they are not likely to visit your website via the links you post.n

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5 essential tips to enhance your bathroom feng shui

The bathroom is often the most difficult room in your home to decorate. Achieving feng shui for a bathroom can be even more difficult. Typically energy is lost in this room so it is essential to work to bring a positive energy flow into this area. To determine how the energy flows into the bathroom (or any room), imagine how water would flow through the room if it were pouring through the door. This type of energy is generally called chi and there are several inexpensive things you can do to bring feng shui to your bathroom décor. From the toilets to tapware, small changes can make a big difference.
Keep the Toilet Lid and Drains Closed

Chi can escape from the bathroom just as easily as water. Before leaving the room, close the shower drain and the toilet lid. This is often not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have kids, but making it a habit will prevent the escape of positive energy.
Look to your Lighting

Most bathrooms tend to lack ambiance. Bright lights, while essential for getting ready for work, offer little in the way of ambiance. Install a dimmer switch so you can have bright lights when you need them and dim them when you want to relax. Add some scented candles and bath salts to set a relaxing mood.
Add some Earth Tones

Water is the dominant element in bathrooms and adding some earth tones can help to balance the elements. Bronze colored tapware, green accents, and wood are all things that will enhance the positive energy and keep the elements of the room in sync. If possible, add some moisture loving plants into your decorating scheme.
Keep things Uniform and Organized

While everyone these days is money conscious, there are some things that are just worth the money. While it may be silly to buy the latest expensive stereo equipment if you don’t listen to music often, matching bathroom towels are a good investment if you want positive energy in your bathroom. You may not mind a rainbow of different colors, but chi does. Uniformity and tidiness promote a positive energy flow and create a more relaxing space.
Use Images that Keep Nature in Mind

When decorating, remember that the goal is to make the room an area of purification. Pictures of family or friends shouldn’t be in the bathroom, nor should things that remind you of passions or hobbies. Stick to images of nature such as seascapes or landscapes.

These are just a few ideas from to help create a positive energy flow in what is otherwise a very utilitarian area of the home.