5 essential tips to enhance your bathroom feng shui

The bathroom is often the most difficult room in your home to decorate. Achieving feng shui for a bathroom can be even more difficult. Typically energy is lost in this room so it is essential to work to bring a positive energy flow into this area. To determine how the energy flows into the bathroom (or any room), imagine how water would flow through the room if it were pouring through the door. This type of energy is generally called chi and there are several inexpensive things you can do to bring feng shui to your bathroom décor. From the toilets to tapware, small changes can make a big difference.
Keep the Toilet Lid and Drains Closed

Chi can escape from the bathroom just as easily as water. Before leaving the room, close the shower drain and the toilet lid. This is often not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have kids, but making it a habit will prevent the escape of positive energy.
Look to your Lighting

Most bathrooms tend to lack ambiance. Bright lights, while essential for getting ready for work, offer little in the way of ambiance. Install a dimmer switch so you can have bright lights when you need them and dim them when you want to relax. Add some scented candles and bath salts to set a relaxing mood.
Add some Earth Tones

Water is the dominant element in bathrooms and adding some earth tones can help to balance the elements. Bronze colored tapware, green accents, and wood are all things that will enhance the positive energy and keep the elements of the room in sync. If possible, add some moisture loving plants into your decorating scheme.
Keep things Uniform and Organized

While everyone these days is money conscious, there are some things that are just worth the money. While it may be silly to buy the latest expensive stereo equipment if you don’t listen to music often, matching bathroom towels are a good investment if you want positive energy in your bathroom. You may not mind a rainbow of different colors, but chi does. Uniformity and tidiness promote a positive energy flow and create a more relaxing space.
Use Images that Keep Nature in Mind

When decorating, remember that the goal is to make the room an area of purification. Pictures of family or friends shouldn’t be in the bathroom, nor should things that remind you of passions or hobbies. Stick to images of nature such as seascapes or landscapes.

These are just a few ideas from https://bathroomwarehouse.com.au/ to help create a positive energy flow in what is otherwise a very utilitarian area of the home.

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