Protect a New Carpet So It Keeps Looking Brand New

Carpet ProtectionJust because you purchased a car off the lot does not mean you won’t get into an accident driving it home from the dealer. People often don’t think about their new purchases in such a downbeat way. They assume sheer positive energy and luck protects a new acquisition for at least a year before something could possibly go wrong.

You might want to rethink that strategy before bringing a plate of spaghetti into your living room. The carpeting you have recently bought (yesterday) simply is not going to repel stains merely because it is new. In fact, because the carpeting is new, you should take extra steps to preserve its appearance.

Who would want to see brand new carpeting end up ruined only a week after buying it? Sure, you can have messy stains cleaned up, but this brings us back to the original point. Why bother with all this costly extra work only a short time after buying new carpeting? Is that really the best carpet value?

You shouldn’t. Instead, it is advisable to immediately set up ground rules and preventive measures to ensure the luster of a new carpet is not ruined.

Rules do have to be set that clearly ban bringing food or beverages into a room with new (or, for that matter, old) carpeting. Food and drink can spill and this means carpets suffer the consequences. Why take such risks when it would be far easier to just keep anything that can stain the carpet out of the room?

If you do insist on eating or drinking in the room, always put a small rug down over the carpet. This way, the spills have something to land on top of. Also, only using cups or glasses that are covered with a “spill prevention” cap is suggested. An extra step like this is definitely going to cut down on errant staining and other woes.

What happens if the carpet does become stained. Simpler words could not be spoken: clean the mess up. More accurately, you want to clean the mess up right away. Liquids that sink into the carpet are going to ruin it.

You should take a “zero tolerance” policy towards anything capable of wrecking the look of your carpet. This way, your new carpet does not lose its luster within a week or less.

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