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Using Forums for Marketing

There are different types of forums, beyond the obvious topical types, of “marketing” or “special interest”, etc. “Marketing” and “special interest” are two types of what are commonly referred to as “open forums”. You can use any kind of forum for viral marketing using forums, but it does require some care and consideration.

There are business and professional forums, which do not operate under the same rules and, more often than not, disallow any and all types of advertising or self-promotion. Forums that have been created to support the membership of a particular program are especially adamant on this topic and often demand that all members refrain from all types if advertising on their sites.

Still, even with all these hurdles, it is possible to successfully advertise in forums. In all cases a pre-requisite for success is developing a good reputation and a good relationship and maintaining both. So, while it is true that this a form of free advertising, it does require a certain amount of investment as far as time and energy are concerned, not to mention subtly and finesse. Care to Learn more? check out the opportunities that are available to you at

Organic Latex Baby Mattresses

Off gassing is one of the biggest reasons that most parents seek out a more natural solution to their children’s bedding. More than ever, parents are reading about the side effects caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals used in foam mattresses. Stunningly, there are many toxic ingredients used in the process of making foam mattresses. The men and women that make foam mattresses risk their lungs and their lives making

Many people become confused when they’re presented with latex mattresses. Often times they seem to believe that latex isn’t a natural substance, it is. Rubber is harvested in much the same way as you harvest maple syrup. The serum or sap is gathered from a tree and is quite organic in nature. organic latex mattresses are a much healthier solution for your child.

A newborn child spends the better half of an entire day laying in their crib or bassinet. If your infant has their face right next to a foam mattress, then he or she is inevitably breathing in whatever chemicals their foam mattresses are off gassing. The amount of chemicals used in flame retardant for it to pass open flame standards is significant. Avoid that problem with an organic latex baby mattress by sleep made to measure.

An Inground Pool? You Decide

pool-time-1436099Having an inground pool is a big decision and not one to make lightly. Yet, with that in mind, there is an abundance of benefits to having a swimming pool. Take into consideration the aesthetic beauty that a pool can bring you. Nothing is as calming as the effects of water. You don’t even have to be swimming to appreciate the calming effects that rippling water brings to you. It’s not uncommon to see pools in western New York. Pools have become a popular addition to most homes. You can not only have a landscaper work with you to design the pool of your dreams, you can also build one to size that will flow with the design of your home.

A swimming pool can aid in healthy activities that your entire family can take advantage of. The act of swimming can build muscle; while the weightlessness of the water can soothe and help with arthritis as well as aches and pains from injury. Most doctors recommend water therapy for most injuries. It’s also a proven fact that swimming relieves stress! Relaxing in a pool after a long tiring day at work can relieve tension and strain.

Another great reason for having inground pools is family time. What better way to get your kids away from the, present, electronics and outside for some much-needed exercise, than your own pool. In the summer months, most family gatherings take place poolside. Not only will your friends and family enjoy keeping cool from the heat of a summer day, but tempers are less likely to flair from your guests being too hot. Uncomfortable temperatures can cause irritation and cranky guests aren’t fun in the least. A swimming pool can truly change the way your home looks and feels. Small or large a pool can add charm, entice your family and friends, and be the crowning glory of any backyard.

For more information or to get an estimate for your western New York in ground swimming pool, visit us on the web at

Worried About Chemicals? Ask for Green Carpet Cleaning Products

carpet-169413-mWhen you request upholstery or carpet cleaning in Nottingham, you may worry about the ingredients in the products used during the cleaning process. This is understandable, since so many carpet cleaning products contain potential toxins that may negatively impact the quality of air inside your home. If you have children or pets known to spend time on the floor, you are probably even more concerned.

Instead of worrying in silence, voice those concerns to our staff when booking your carpet or upholstery cleaning Nottingham services. Right now, there are a few things you should know about the carpet cleaning industry when it comes to toxic cleaning products:

1. Some companies use eco-friendly products without advertising their services as green carpet cleaning. Their cleaning products may still contain some harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients, but they are far less toxic than the standard cleaning products used by some other companies.

2. Many companies in the UK now offer green carpet cleaning services, but you can expect an increase in carpet cleaning prices, UK or elsewhere. This isn’t a scam or reason to get more money out of your pocket. Green carpet cleaning products cost the company more than regular cleaning products, and companies need to cover those extra expenses. The prices are actually far more affordable than you may imagine, so ask before you assume that it is outside of your budget.

3. Trustworthy Notthingham upholstery and carpet cleaning services will openly discuss the types of cleaning products they use. If you run into a company unwilling to answer your questions or with little knowledge about their products, it’s time to contact someone new.

Chemicals are a big concern if one of your family members suffers from asthma or other breathing conditions, and you definitely don’t want your children or pets crawling around on carpets and furniture cleaned with harsh chemicals that may lead to allergic reactions. If you want to ensure the health of everyone in your home and protect your air quality, ask our professionals about upgrading to green carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Nottingham.


Light Up the Inside of Your Purse with The Prism

rainbow-2-821911-mWe’ve all had those moments! We’re in a dark location and need to quickly locate something inside our purse. Sometimes it is important to keep our location a secret, especially if we’re trying to get away from an unsavory area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a purse light fastened to the interior of the purse and ready to show us what’s inside without announcing our presence to everyone else in the area?

The Prism from Firefly Elegance fulfills the request for a convenient lighting system within a purse, backpack, or handbag. It is shaped like a small faceted gem and features the Firefly logo across its face. Simply attach it to the inside pocket of any carry-along bag and touch the button any time you want to shed light on the interior of your purse.

Suddenly everything is clear as Prism instantly shines a bright light on the items in your bag. You’ll never have to apologize again for having to pull out important and insignificant items in search for the one thing you need. Your cards, wallet, checkbook, and pen are visible with this single stream of light. You will even be able to identify the change at the bottom of your purse or book bag!

Giving quality products as gifts to friends and family creates a dilemma. Things last so long that it’s hard to find new items for gifts. The Prism is ideal to add to your purchases for birthday, holiday, and anytime gifts. Give a useful item that will provide peace of mind as it sheds light across the myriad of contents being searched through. It’s a welcome offering indeed!

The convenience of online shopping and at-home delivery makes this item a pleasure to order from Firefly Elegance. Order extras and have them on hand for impromptu gifts that will always be a hit with the recipients. Think of other ways to use the purse light and share them with your friends.

Fun Ways to Use a Spiral Slicer

apple-slice-1443021-mWhat can you do with a spiral slicer other than make apples and other fresh fruits more entertaining to children? Spiral slicers make it easier to keep the entire family on a healthy diet, but there are some other fun ways to use this convenient kitchen tool for the enjoyment of your entire family.

Dress Up Your Drinks

Imagine a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. That is refreshing, but it’s even better when you add a spiral of lemon floating in the glass. You can do this with a variety of fruits using a spiral apple peeler, quickly adding fun to any glass of juice, tea or water.

This is one way that a spiral slicer can help adults. If you are trying to increase your water intake for the purpose of weight loss or maintenance, you will love spiraling fresh fruit and adding them to your water bottle. This adds fresh flavor and allows you to consume water with a variety of flavors, making it easier to stick with this healthy habit.

Speed Up the Baking Process

Cutting fruit for homemade pies is faster than ever when you use a spiral slicer. Even children can help make the pie when you eliminate the use of sharp knives. You can even spiral fruit and other garnishments to go on top of cakes and other desserts.

Curl Your French Fries

You can also use spiral apple peelers to create curly fries. These fries are made from natural potatoes right in your own kitchen, so you don’t have to rely upon frozen fries from the grocery store which may contain preservatives and other unhealthy additives. You can also control how much oil and salt is used when preparing your fries. Plus, kids love curly fries, especially if you let them help cut the spirals.

Make Jell-O Fun

Jell-O is one snack that most children can make on their own, and adding spirals of fresh fruit before it sets makes the process even more enjoyable. Just make sure to limit these Jell-O squares to children old enough to handle solid fruit.

Are Metal Roofing Systems Good Investments

roofing in the MidwestWhen deciding on roofing materials, it’s important to settle on a solution that is not only cost effective, but can also stand up to the extreme weather conditions that are a risk in the Midwest. A roof that can weather strong winds, hail, snow, heavy rains, and intense sunshine is one that represents a solid investment, as well as sturdy protection for your home.

Metal roofing is an option for homeowners and businesses, and the materials available are not only affordable, but incredibly strong and durable.

Metal Roofing

Aluminum and steel are the primary materials used for metal roofing. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, whereas steel offers similar qualities but is even more resistant to impact damage. This is an important consideration since the Midwest is prone to severe hailstorms.

Both aluminum and steel are suitable for painting, and therefore it’s easy to customize the look of your roof to compliment your home. Due to both metals lending themselves well to machining and shaping, metal roofing is also perfect for architectural roof designs that will make your home or commercial building stand out.

Choosing Your Roofing Contractor

No matter what roofing material you use, the workmanship that goes in to installing your roof is what will determine its strength and longevity. That’s why it’s essential to choose a trusted company for your roofing in the Midwest.

A company that is licensed and bonded, holds a positive reputation in the local community, and one that offers leading roofing materials from America’s most trusted brands will be able to ensure that the investment made on your roof is one that pays off for many years to come.

Get a roofing company who you can trust to deliver quality workmanship and long lasting materials.

How to Brew the Best Coffee

cafeandcookie-1412145-mAll over the world, people enjoy coffee. Although coffee can be brewed using all sorts of different equipment, it is available in many varieties, flavors, blends and strengths. Basically, there is a coffee to suit just about every taste. Most coffee drinkers can’t even think about the day without their first cup and, of course the accompanying slug of caffeine.
Many of us stop at the nearest coffeehouse and ask our favorite barista for the latte, Americano, cappucino, moccaccino, espresso, single, double, etc., etc. that gets us going. We can enjoy all of these, but are we as likely to know how to make the best coffee at home?

Start With the Water

Water from the tap, while safe to drink, often doesn’t help the flavor of your coffee and since coffee is just about 99% water, you’ve got to get that right. Unfiltered water has elements such as chlorine, carbonate hardness, mineral content, tannins and other natural deposits that can affect the taste. And, of course, limescale can be a significant problem in certain areas. Did you know that limescale is the cause of approx. 95% of all coffee equipment failures?

So start with cold water and protect your equipment and the taste of your brew by using filtered or bottled, but never distilled or softened water.
Filtered water that is just below the boiling point (89-94°F) is the optimum to extract the oil from freshly ground coffee beans. If the water isn’t hot enough, the coffee will be weak, if it’s too hot, the coffee may taste bitter or sour.

The Coffee Beans

Besides the water, the better the beans, the better the coffee in your cup. Try lots of different beans and find the ones you like best, get whole beans, then grind your own as you need it. Be sure the grind is correct for the type of coffee maker you are using. Store in a air-tight container in the fridge.
There are many different countries producing coffee beans but it’s the roasting that makes a real difference to the flavor. The lighter roasts will have lots of flavor and aroma, while the darker roasts tend to be flavourful but heavier and can often be somewhat bitter.

Use the Right Equipment

With so many different types of coffee makers on the market, one can get very confused. Filter coffee machines allow water to drip slowly through the ground coffee. A cafetière or French Press steeps the coffee after hot water is poured over the coarser grounds, which are then pressed down. Pod or single serve coffee makers drip water from a reservoir through the capsule containing the coffee, tea, chocolate or flavored coffee. Percolators are making a comeback but can often make extra strong coffee. The stove top espresso makers work well but can be dangerous since the water is boiled in a chamber under the coffee and forced at very high temperature through the coffee grounds. They have been known to explode!
Finally, if you are really into brewing espressos, lattes or cappuccinos, one of the speciality coffee makers may be for you. While some make regular coffee s well, these speciality machines can be very expensive and fairly large.
Never reheat your coffees, especially not in a microwave and keep your equipment clean to avoid the bitter oils that will spoil the taste. If you have one of the pod-type makers and need sensibly-priced refills visit

Organize Your Life With Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard-stickersxLately, in every magazine, we are seeing the use of chalkboard paint, in kid’s rooms, in the kitchen, in the utility room, in the home office, even in the living room. Having a wall to write or doodle on is great but not everyone wants chalkboards that cover an entire wall.

So why not go for something a bit smaller, namely chalkboard labels.

They work just the same – write on with chalk or a chalk pen and wipe off. But the labels allow you to get everything organized and have a pretty border to make your organization elegant as well.

  • Label all your jars, boxes, tins, etc. in the kitchen so you can tell the different between the dried beans and the peanuts,
  • Use them on the fridge door instead of stick-ons that don’t stay stuck. Some could be used for the shopping list or for reminders or for notes to members of the family, etc.
  • Organize all the jars in the fridge, never be surprised again by the unlabeled contents of your jars.
  • They can be used for gifts-in-jars or bottles, such as for a cookie mix in a jar to identify the contents and for the instructions and the recipe.
  • Use them to identify doors to the bathroom, children’s rooms, the office, etc.
  • They are great for identifying the contents of boxes, tins, jars, drawers etc.
  • In a craft room, identify the contents of the little vials of beads and other jewellery-making bits by labeling each vial then putting them inside a coffee or other type of tin and labeling that. You could even use the same color chalk pen for the color of the beads or bits inside.
  • Organize all the screws, nails and other stuff in the garage.
  • Use at parties, cookouts or weddings to identify whose glass/plate belongs to whom.
  • Identify to whom a book belongs by sticking on a chalkboard label with your name on it.
  • Teach kids to get organized by labeling their drawers, boxes, cupboards, etc.
  • Use them for art or science projects to label everything.

The list of uses is actually limited only by your imagination.

The chalkboard labels put out by Live With Flair® are high quality vinyl which continue to look good and last a long time, come in packs of 24, in two different sizes.

  • are easy to peel off and re-stick,
  • are easy to write on and wipe off, use either chalk or chalk pens (with chalk pens be sure to wait until they dry completely before using the container),
  • are dishwasher safe,
  • come with a lifetime guarantee for 100% satisfaction,
  • have specials every so often like buy 3, get one free or get a free chalkboard marker with purchase.
  • Remember you can always reposition the sticker or wipe off the message and write a new one.

So, don’t be left out of the chalkboard revolution, get your labels and stick them on anything that doesn’t move!

Where Should I Buy My New Suburu

Landers McLarty Subaru is the place to buy the Subaru that you want! You may already know that Subaru is a well-made vehicle that you can trust. With so many models, there is certainly something to fit your needs and your budget. Buying it from a business that offers honesty and integrity is important. This isn’t your typical vehicle dealership, and you won’t find any fast talking sales pitches going on here.

Instead, you will find people that care and that want to make your Subaru buying experience one that is smooth and easy. Landers McLarty Subaru offers both new and used models. They can answer any questions you may have. They will be happy to allow you to test drive any vehicles. If they don’t have the vehicle you want, they can find it!

The experience of buying a Subaru doesn’t end there with Landers McLarty Subaru either. They offer services that include maintenance and repairs for your Subaru. They can schedule you for an oil change, tire rotation, transmission work, and even inspect your fluids and belts. If you aren’t sure what is wrong when you have a concern with your vehicle, they can inspect it.

If you have any questions about a vehicle purchase or vehicle repairs, contact them. They have an excellent group of individuals that will assist you with anything you may need. Their goal is to provide you with the very best experience every single time.

They are open 7 days a week, so you can stop in when it is convenient for you. Landers McLarty Subaru is located in several areas for your convenience. There are two locations in Alabama – Birmingham and Huntsville. There are three locations in Tennessee – Nashville, Chattanooga, and Tennessee Valley.