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Selecting Wedding Favors

When selecting favors for your wedding there are a number of factors you should consider before making your final decision. Some couples do not give enough consideration to their wedding favors and this is quite unfortunate because the wedding favor is the one part of the wedding which your guests will take home as a reminder of your wedding. A well chosen wedding favor can result in your friends and family members remembering your wedding day more fondly than they remember other weddings they have attended simply because they see or use your favor often and it automatically triggers memories of your wedding day. However, couples who do not put much thought or effort into the favors they distribute at the wedding may find their guests discarded their favors soon after the wedding. This article will discuss some of the factors to be considered when selecting wedding favors. These factors should include price, usefulness of the favor and appropriateness of the favor. Considering each of these elements carefully will help the couple to make a wise choice when selecting wedding favors.

Price is one of the most important factors a couple must consider when selecting wedding favors. This is so important because the price will often dictate the quality of the favors. While you can purchase some great favors at a very inexpensive price, there will likely be a great deal of comparison shopping involved to find the best deal on the favor. There will also likely be a great deal of research involved. For example you may find that items such as picture frames are out of your budget range but you may find other great items such as candles are well within your budget. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find out that although picture frames available from one distributor are too expensive, another distributor has enough picture frames in their closeout stock for you to purchase favors for your wedding. It is just important to remember to not be too disappointed about the items you cannot afford and to instead focus on finding the best favor you can afford.

Another factor to consider when selecting wedding favors is whether or not the favor will be useful to your guests. This is very important because favors which are useful are often much better received than favors which the guest cannot use. For example many guests will find items such as picture frames and candles to be useful but will be less impressed with favors such as figurines of a bride and groom. These may be very pretty but many of your friends and family member likely have a collection of similar items from other weddings they have been too and may simply not have room to display these favors. As a result the favor may wind up in a box in the attic or may be thrown out shortly after the wedding.

Finally, a couple should carefully consider the appropriateness of a wedding favor when making their final decision. This is very important because you do not want to give your guests a favor which they will think is inappropriate. Fortunately, when it comes to wedding favors just about anything is considered appropriate. From candy to office supplies and from statues to books just about anything is appropriate for the wedding as long as it reflects the theme of the wedding, reflects the underlying theme of love or is even just something which the guests can use and will appreciate. For example you can certainly give out dictionaries as wedding favors. Your guests will not likely be offended by this favor but some of them may think it is a little strange. However, if you give each of your guests a copy of a book filled with love poems no one will think it is a strange idea for a wedding favor at all. Perhaps the best way to determine whether or not a wedding favor is appropriate is to think about what you would feel if you were given that same item as a favor at another wedding.

Best Places For Honeymoon Vacation

While the best may be relative to each of us, most would agree that when speaking about the best places for a honeymoon vacation, could be summarized into the following:

1. Las Vegas – The Sin City, as some would call it, Las Vegas is one of the best places to set your honeymoon vacation. The City would provide one of the greatest and most luxurious accommodations in the world combined with every kind of entertainment in virtually each corner of the City. The lights, sounds, casinos, all types of restaurants, spas, and entertainment center will surely complete the Las Vegas honeymoon.

2. Hawaii – Many newlyweds would choose to spend their honeymoon in an island while enjoying the sun, doing water activities, and staying at luxurious beach hotel. And Hawaii will certainly give all of these.

3. Caribbean – Visiting one of the many island countries in the Caribbean would surely satisfy every bit of excitement to newlyweds. The tropical sun, coupled with fresh air and foods together with accommodations at its best are enough reasons why couples spend their honeymoon at the Caribbean.

4. Europe – If white sands, sun, and water do not appeal to you, then Europe can provide the best alternative. See the European architecture, arts, and sights that reflect the history, heritage and legacy to this small but highly urbanized continent. No other places in the world could package their culture and civilization perfectly than Europe. For couples who want to spend their honeymoon in one of the countries in Europe, dissatisfaction is nowhere in the picture.

5. Fiji – Friendly people, beautiful beach resorts, magnificent shorelines, lots of foods, and water sport activities could be enough reasons for you to spend your honeymoon in Fiji. This tropical paradise located haft way around the world provides everything you want to experience; luxury, fun, and perfect climate,

6. North America –  Niagara Falls Honeymoon. There are many wonderful attractions in the Niagara area both on the American side and the Canadian side. Spectacular views. One such attraction is the Aquarium of Niagara. At the aquarium you and your children can learn about the various animals that they have there. Not just your ordinary aquarium, the Aquarium of Niagara is a rescue facility and takes every opportunity to educate everyone that visits.

7. South America – Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Bolivia, Columbia, and other countries in the South American region provide a good venue to set your honeymoon. Each of these countries provides a one-of-a-kind experience to couple who wishes to enjoy their first days of married life.

Why Develop a Friendship Before a Relationship?

A common refrain is “You always marry your best friend.” Let us take a step back and evaluate this statement. Yes, it is true you must value friendship during the dating process. A single person exploring all dating possibilities should maintain an open mind. Everyone has a specific type of person he/she prefers, but keeping options open is required to find a true best friend.

Build on things. When trying to get to know someone new, it is necessary to take an interest in who the person is. As is the case with any regular relationships, you should build on interests. Working to build on a friendship before a relationship  increases longevity potential for a great relationship.


More often than not, singles choose to do two things:

  1. They become very guarded due to being single for so long they are not likely to trust someone new very easily.
  2. They end up so excited over meeting someone new they end up rushing into relationship mode.

Both of these approaches are not helpful to anyone.

Those serious about getting into a new relationship should take things slow and casual. A slow and natural progression occurs in the relationship with milestones being established at the same time. Be sure both you and the other person are on the same page. Doing so ensures everyone remains friends and no one ends up hurt.

Make great memories – the best thing friends can do. Great memories come from sharing company. So, spend a lot of time together but not to the point both tire of the other quickly. Avoiding the problem of rushing into a serious relationship quickly.

Engage in important conversation. Absolutely nothing is worse than developing a friendship with a paramour, maintain serious intentions about dating, and then never have any real serious conversations. Ask about previous relationships and why they ended. Discuss whether or not a couple should date exclusively. These are important conversation topics – topics necessary when getting to know someone. Why is this? Because doing so makes it easier to gauge interest and figure out if the other person really is serious about a relationship.

Hopefully, this advice will assist you with the dating process and head you down the exclusive path to locating true love. Exclusive Standards can also help you with the path to true love.

The Right Dating Site for Professionals.

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to be loved. That’s the one sweeping generalization about dating that we feel safe using. Love and belonging even appears in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a genuine human necessity.

The problem is that finding love can be a daunting task. The advent of online dating has made it slightly easier, but also more confusing. In fact, the online dating scene is only moderately less confusing and disheartening than the real world dating scene. For professionals, dating sites can be even more troubling. You just don’t feel as safe as you’d like and you wonder if they are looking for love or money. . .


Love makes us feel safe and secure. Do you feel that with your dating site? Does your dating site love you?

The various dating sites have their little vagaries and of course you want to trust that they are trying to do their best for you? Are they? Do they want to help or is business more important. Do they love you enough to work to ensure your safety?

When polled, nearly every professional person said that their two main concerns when it came to online dating were their safety and their privacy. Do dating sites help to guard those things?

That depends on the site—and frankly—it depends on what you put into choosing the right site. What do you want from a dating site? Is safety a big concern for you? Is privacy a concern? If it’s not then it should be and there is only one dating site that addresses those concerns definitively. From online video dating to an initial background check, Exclusive Standards offers you the kind of online dating experience that you deserve. Finally a dating site for professionals that addresses all of your concerns about security and privacy. Join today and get 30 days free.