Customized T-Shirts for any Event

My-Dear-150x150We’ve all seen customized T-shirts used for such things as little league teams or special interest groups, but the uses for them can go far beyond that. They can be a fun and inexpensive way to make almost any events seem just a little more special. Whether it’s a charity fund raiser or a game of beach volleyball, customized T-shirts can make it much more personal.It is very common to see customized T-shirts at gatherings such as family reunions, but even this use can be taken outside the box a bit. Rather than simply having “Jones Family” or some other identifying feature, why not let the T-shirts take the place of run of the mill name tags. Once you have a confirmed list of those who will be attending, have their full name put on a T-shirt for them. It not only gives guests a keepsake of that special occasion, but it also allows people who may not have seen each other for year (or have never even met in some cases) to easily identify the other family members.

Since most family reunions involve games of some sort, this is another unique way in which to use customized T-shirts. Ask guests in the invitation whether or not they wish to participate in family games and draw up teams accordingly before the event. Order customized T-shirts in different colors for each team so that they are readily identifiable. You could even include a team name on the shirts to further personalize them: in addition to this, customized T-shirts make a great prize for the winning teams. Family rivalries can be quite fun and having a T-shirt proclaiming the winner of the games can make them even better.

This is just one example of how customized T-shirts can be used to make a gathering more personal as well as more festive. The only real limits to their uses are in the imagination of the person who orders them.

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