Why Develop a Friendship Before a Relationship?

A common refrain is “You always marry your best friend.” Let us take a step back and evaluate this statement. Yes, it is true you must value friendship during the dating process. A single person exploring all dating possibilities should maintain an open mind. Everyone has a specific type of person he/she prefers, but keeping options open is required to find a true best friend.

Build on things. When trying to get to know someone new, it is necessary to take an interest in who the person is. As is the case with any regular relationships, you should build on interests. Working to build on a friendship before a relationship  increases longevity potential for a great relationship.


More often than not, singles choose to do two things:

  1. They become very guarded due to being single for so long they are not likely to trust someone new very easily.
  2. They end up so excited over meeting someone new they end up rushing into relationship mode.

Both of these approaches are not helpful to anyone.

Those serious about getting into a new relationship should take things slow and casual. A slow and natural progression occurs in the relationship with milestones being established at the same time. Be sure both you and the other person are on the same page. Doing so ensures everyone remains friends and no one ends up hurt.

Make great memories – the best thing friends can do. Great memories come from sharing company. So, spend a lot of time together but not to the point both tire of the other quickly. Avoiding the problem of rushing into a serious relationship quickly.

Engage in important conversation. Absolutely nothing is worse than developing a friendship with a paramour, maintain serious intentions about dating, and then never have any real serious conversations. Ask about previous relationships and why they ended. Discuss whether or not a couple should date exclusively. These are important conversation topics – topics necessary when getting to know someone. Why is this? Because doing so makes it easier to gauge interest and figure out if the other person really is serious about a relationship.

Hopefully, this advice will assist you with the dating process and head you down the exclusive path to locating true love. Exclusive Standards can also help you with the path to true love.

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