Fiberglass Swimming Pools are a Great way to beat the Summer Heat

A fibreglass swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat when the temperatures begin to soar. Once you’ve made the decision to install a pool however, you will be faced with a number of choices. The first choice will be what type of pool you want; traditional cement or fiberglass. If you are searching for a durable, cost effective swimming pool that will look great for years to come, a fiberglass swimming pool is your answer.

Fiberglass Pools have a Number of Advantages over Traditional Concrete Pools

Overall Cost

Fiberglass pools tend to be only slightly less expensive to buy and install than concrete pools, but the lifetime costs of fiberglass pools is much lower. Much of the extra expense comes in the form of chemicals to maintain a concrete pool and keep it algae free.

Concrete can crack or chip over time due to normal wear and the ground shifting as it heats and cools. Fiberglass is flexible enough to withstand temperature changes and normal use without significant deterioration. Concrete generally needs to be resurfaced around every 5 years and that adds to the overall cost of the pool as well.

The surface of a fiberglass pool is finished with Gelcoat that not only keeps it looking great for years, but makes it easier to keep clean than concrete. The smooth surface is not only stain and fade resistant, but it takes fewer chemicals and much less scrubbing and vacuuming to keep it clean. You can spend more time lounging in a fiberglass pool and less time trying to keep it clean.
Installation Time

The average concrete pool takes between 2 and 4 months to install. For an in ground fiberglass swimming pool, the entire installation takes only 2 to 4 weeks. Your new swimming pool isn’t going to help your family beat the heat if they spend all summer waiting for it to be installed.
In the end, the choice is yours. Both types come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles and the installations costs are comparable. When you look at the bigger picture however, a fiberglass pool offers many benefits that concrete pools simply can’t compete with.

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