Give Your Office a Fast & Affordable Facelift

carpet-169413-mWhether you work out of your home, rent your own office or share office space in a multi-use building, there comes a time when you know a facelift is in order. This may come when you first move into a new office, or it may come after you’ve been using your space for many months or years. You just know that you will make a better impression on your clients and guests while improving your mood throughout each workday if you spruce up the office a bit.

The first step to a successful facelift is to replace or refurnish the floor. You may go with refurnishing if you have wooden floors, and a good deep cleaning may be needed for carpeting. Another option is to cover up your flawed floors with carpet tiles. These tiles are easy to install and look fashionable, and you can select from a variety of colors and patterns.

Once you select flooring colors and designs that give your office a professional, fresh vibe, you can change the window treatment, wall decor and other elements of the room. Working your way up from the floor allows you to create a color scheme or style that blends all elements of the room together. Everyone who walks into your office will notice the floor they are walking on, so that is always a good focal point to get your room’s facelift started.

If your walls haven’t received a fresh coat of paint in many years, it’s probably time to do that as well. You may want to paint before your new flooring is in place. In many cases, you can go with bright white walls because they look nice with any color or style of flooring. You will also cover most of the walls up with your room decor, cork boards and other items as well.

As a final touch, consider the amount of light in your office. If you don’t get a lot of natural light from the windows, add a good lamp or ceiling light fixture. You need light to stay awake and energized as you work at any hour of the day or night.

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