Light Up the Inside of Your Purse with The Prism

rainbow-2-821911-mWe’ve all had those moments! We’re in a dark location and need to quickly locate something inside our purse. Sometimes it is important to keep our location a secret, especially if we’re trying to get away from an unsavory area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a purse light fastened to the interior of the purse and ready to show us what’s inside without announcing our presence to everyone else in the area?

The Prism from Firefly Elegance fulfills the request for a convenient lighting system within a purse, backpack, or handbag. It is shaped like a small faceted gem and features the Firefly logo across its face. Simply attach it to the inside pocket of any carry-along bag and touch the button any time you want to shed light on the interior of your purse.

Suddenly everything is clear as Prism instantly shines a bright light on the items in your bag. You’ll never have to apologize again for having to pull out important and insignificant items in search for the one thing you need. Your cards, wallet, checkbook, and pen are visible with this single stream of light. You will even be able to identify the change at the bottom of your purse or book bag!

Giving quality products as gifts to friends and family creates a dilemma. Things last so long that it’s hard to find new items for gifts. The Prism is ideal to add to your purchases for birthday, holiday, and anytime gifts. Give a useful item that will provide peace of mind as it sheds light across the myriad of contents being searched through. It’s a welcome offering indeed!

The convenience of online shopping and at-home delivery makes this item a pleasure to order from Firefly Elegance. Order extras and have them on hand for impromptu gifts that will always be a hit with the recipients. Think of other ways to use the purse light and share them with your friends.

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