Online Computer Security

online computer securityThe world today allows us very little privacy.  It is up to you to monitor your life, if you are online a lot.  Simple to say, but harder to do.  Updating your computer’s operating system is probably one of the best ways to help with identity theft protection.  There are frequent updates that will help you to protect your information.  The search engines such as Google and Yahoo constantly check for malicious websites.  Your site may be legitimate, but may have been hijacked.  Keep a two-way firewall active.  When you create a password for an account online, use at least 8-10 characters, including letters, symbols, and numbers.  If a hacker gets into one account with the password, then they can get into other accounts if the same password is used for more than one account, so use a different password for each account.

If you are into gaming, beware of disabling your security while online playing.  Check your game mode in your security software, so that it won’t bother you in the middle of your game, but at the same time will keep you protected.  You should be careful choosing friends on such sites as facebook and be very careful when downloading videos.  Many people enjoy going to Wi-Fi hotspots, but be careful and make sure they are a legitimate service.  Staying observant is good, but not enough.  Don’t become just another statistic. Enjoy the internet, but be safe online.

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