Organize Your Life With Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard-stickersxLately, in every magazine, we are seeing the use of chalkboard paint, in kid’s rooms, in the kitchen, in the utility room, in the home office, even in the living room. Having a wall to write or doodle on is great but not everyone wants chalkboards that cover an entire wall.

So why not go for something a bit smaller, namely chalkboard labels.

They work just the same – write on with chalk or a chalk pen and wipe off. But the labels allow you to get everything organized and have a pretty border to make your organization elegant as well.

  • Label all your jars, boxes, tins, etc. in the kitchen so you can tell the different between the dried beans and the peanuts,
  • Use them on the fridge door instead of stick-ons that don’t stay stuck. Some could be used for the shopping list or for reminders or for notes to members of the family, etc.
  • Organize all the jars in the fridge, never be surprised again by the unlabeled contents of your jars.
  • They can be used for gifts-in-jars or bottles, such as for a cookie mix in a jar to identify the contents and for the instructions and the recipe.
  • Use them to identify doors to the bathroom, children’s rooms, the office, etc.
  • They are great for identifying the contents of boxes, tins, jars, drawers etc.
  • In a craft room, identify the contents of the little vials of beads and other jewellery-making bits by labeling each vial then putting them inside a coffee or other type of tin and labeling that. You could even use the same color chalk pen for the color of the beads or bits inside.
  • Organize all the screws, nails and other stuff in the garage.
  • Use at parties, cookouts or weddings to identify whose glass/plate belongs to whom.
  • Identify to whom a book belongs by sticking on a chalkboard label with your name on it.
  • Teach kids to get organized by labeling their drawers, boxes, cupboards, etc.
  • Use them for art or science projects to label everything.

The list of uses is actually limited only by your imagination.

The chalkboard labels put out by Live With FlairĀ® are high quality vinyl which continue to look good and last a long time, come in packs of 24, in two different sizes.

  • are easy to peel off and re-stick,
  • are easy to write on and wipe off, use either chalk or chalk pens (with chalk pens be sure to wait until they dry completely before using the container),
  • are dishwasher safe,
  • come with a lifetime guarantee for 100% satisfaction,
  • have specials every so often like buy 3, get one free or get a free chalkboard marker with purchase.
  • Remember you can always reposition the sticker or wipe off the message and write a new one.

So, don’t be left out of the chalkboard revolution, get your labels and stick them on anything that doesn’t move!

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