Remodeling Compact Bathroom

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t make it look spacious! Try our remodeling compact bathroom guide.  You can create much more space in your bathroom than anticipated with the help of the right remodeling tricks!
There are great shower-tub combos with 60” long tubs which easily fit into small spaces. You can then use a shower curtain which moves back and forth instead of a glass door which moves in and out as it uses less space.
Setting your vanity above the floor makes the bathroom look bigger and provides some space to store small items.
A round vanity is better in a small bathroom as sharp corners of other vanities can hurt your hips while maneuvering within the tight bathroom.
Instead of having just a mirrored medicine cabinet, try a cabinet which extends the length of the vanity to visually expand the room. Even mirrored walls help make the bathroom look more spacious.
Using a glass panel is a wise decision over a glass shower door as it not only provides the necessary privacy while in the shower; it also gives more maneuverable space.
A mirror stretched across the wall instead of just the vanity makes it practical for two people to use the bathroom at once. This saves time in the mornings when everyone is in a hurry to use the bathroom!
Have the towel bar mounted on the door to keep towels handy in a space-restricted bathroom.
Choose and install vanities Sydney with one shelf to hold towels or even work as a basket for storing toilet paper.
Wall mounted faucets blend well in all types of bathrooms, even traditionally designed ones!  Moreover it provides for narrower handbasins Sydney which in turn provides more space in the total bathroom.

Try implementing these tips while remodeling your bathroom; you will be pleased with the space-enhancing effects it creates!

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